Time Warner Cable also known by Roadrunner email service is the leading email service providers in the USA. Users in the USA send and receive their official emails on RR login. Apart from this, some business entrepreneurs also use other email service providers along with the Roadrunner email. To bring ease in reading the emails from multiple accounts, Outlook account is the best platform for this. You can migrate all your email accounts on single outlook account.

Today, we are going to discuss the process for migrating the RR com Mail to Outlook email program. Before starting the process, collect all the information stored and related to your email account.

1st step: Click on ‘File’ from the file group opened on Outlook program. Tap on ‘account settings’ and double-click on it to open the drop down menu. Here you will find ‘Account settings’ option again. Click on it followed by ‘Add account’ option. You will find new wizard opened on the front screen.

2nd step: Click on the box where you find ‘Manual setup and additional server types’ option. Tap ‘Next’. You always prefer manual settings to automatic because, in this settings, you can enter the complete and correct email address on your own rather than relying on outlook. Enter all the RR com login email information.

3rd step: Click to open the server types. You will find IMAP and POP3 option under this menu. Click on ‘IMAP’ server for your TimeWarner login. If you use POP3 settings, then you won’t be able to read the same message from multiple devices because the message is not stored on the server.

Enter the official web link www RR com login in the address space provided and hit ‘Enter’.

4th step: In the name field, enter the username of your Roadrunner account. This username will then become your identity and your receiver will first receive your username on the top of the message.

5th step: Enter RR email address in step 5. This email address is the one on which you receive the messages from your sender. If you are doubtful with the email address, then it would be better to call at official support number and confirm it from the service experts.

6th step: In step, you need to select the type of account. Tap ‘IMAP’. Just after this step, you need to enter the server address both for incoming as well as for outgoing port.

7th step: Enter other important login information in the next step. First, enter the TWC email login address then the password.

Rr com mail8th step: Enter the password in the next box. This password should match with the password you use to login to Roadrunner account. Select ‘Remember password’ option if you are having short term memory.

9th step: Click on Finish to end the setup. Now send ‘Test’ mail to your own address. If you have received the mail in your Time Warner cable email login, then it means your account is properly migrated. Click ‘Next’ to complete the setup.

These are the steps for migrating the account to outlook.com. If you have any problem with www RR com login or have some suggestion for us, then do write your comments in our comment section provided below.