Setting up a Gmail account on your android phone is not much complicated. You have to go through certain instructions in order to accomplish it successfully. The method of adding Gmail account is quite same for all the devices regardless of make and manufacturers. If you are using Samsung phone with android operating system then the process will be same as that for Sony and HTC android based phones.

You know that when you unpacked your device from the box the first thing your phone will ask when you switch it on is the Gmail account ID. This is necessary for synchronization and backup of passwords and other important documents. You can retrieve the data any time through the mail id if you factory reset your device. There is facility to add more than one account in your android phone. We will discuss about it in this blog post. We need your cooperation for this setup as you need to pay attention on this topic. Now we are going to discuss the process in detail.

You will have to follow it carefully.

Android phone

  1. Adding account through settings: The very first point to start with is; go to ‘settings’ from the home menu of your android phone. Pull the notification flag from the top and click on the cog icon. You need to double click on the shade before it appears.
  2. Go through the options and find ‘accounts and sync’ option in front of your phone screen. The option may be different in different phones.
  3. Under the account menu, you notice the list of accounts already present there. This list includes the accounts on which you have signed in from your android phone. Click on ‘add a new account’ available at the bottom of the list.
  4. You will now see the list of email service providers like google, yahoo and SBC Global mail. Select your choice.
  5. You will be prompted to enter the security pin or password of your phone. In some phones there is facility of pattern lock also so they can opt for this also. This measure is for authentication purpose.
  6. Now enter the complete Email address followed by the password in the relevant box.
  7. You are required to agree to the two path authenticated process for your new mail id.
  8. You can now sync the mobile data with this email id if you want to do it.
  9. The sync contents can be phone contacts, calendar, apps and drives.
  10. For step 9, you have to return to your home screen. From there you need to open the account settings again and click on the sync data option.

The primary procedure to add an account is finished here. There are also another certain ways with which you can add another account to the existing mail account. The process for that is discussed below.

  1. Go to the existing mail.
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines available on the top left of email home screen and you will see the name of your email id.
  3. Click on the mail id, you will see the option ‘add another mail’.
  4. Add the google mail by tapping on google icon. You can also select it as primary account for android phone.
  5. Rest the process is same after this process.

So you might have noticed that the process of integrating another mail in your android phone is quite easy if you read the steps carefully and slowly. The process of adding the new mail account is same even for other services also. You can add the account of any other email service provider also provided it must be available in the list of accounts. Otherwise everything is identical to above.