Road Runners webmail is a mail service that lets you stay connected with everyone. But you can add it to your Outlook and Droid phone also. Let’s check out how you can do this.

If your business uses Road Runners as your internet service provider, your package might include one or more e mail accounts.  While you can check your email on the provider’s website, you can also add your account to Outlook for checking Road Runners and your accounts from other email providers in one place. If you have multiple Road Runners email addresses, adding them all to outlook can be a significant time saver.

Here’ how you can add your Road Runners webmail to your Outlook so that you can view all your emails from other accounts as well:

  • Click on the file button of the Outlook and click on the option of add account in the right rr emailpane. Click on the manually configure server types since Road Runners webmail needs manual configuration.
  • Select the option of internet email for the account type. Type your full name and Road Runners email address in the first two boxes.
  • Click on the Account type drop down list and choose POP 3 for the type pop server domain as the incoming mail server and smtp server domain as the outgoing server replacing domain with the state abbreviation shown in your email address.
  • Now type your Roan Runner username and password in the following fields. Click on the remember password checkbox for saving your password.
  • Click on next for verifying the settings of Road Runners have been configured properly. Click on close and finish to finish adding Road Runner to outlook.

Your Motorola Droid smartphone will automatically retrieve your email from Google account that you used when you set up the phone, but you can also use the built-in mail application for accessing third party email like Road Runners webmail.

For setting up Road Runners webmail, you will need an email address and password of your Road runners email along with a few pieces of information.

  • Tap the application which look like a field of 16 dots, located at the bottom of the screen. When your applications appear on the screen click on email.
  • Click on the menu button and choose Accounts from the pop up menu. Tap menu again and select add account.
  • www rr comType your Road runner email address, which should end with or into the first space of the page. After that type the password of your account in the next field. Tap manual to continue and choose POP 3 from the list that appears. A new group of settings appears in the screen.
  • Tap the field under POP 3 server. Enter pop server san or pop server, whichever matches with your email address. Select the port field and enter 110. Leave the security type field set to none and click on next for continue.
  • Tap the field under SMTP server. Enter mobile into the filed. Tap the port field and enter 25. Leave the security type filed st to none. Tap on next twice for continuing.
  • Now type the name for your email account which can be whatever you want to give, and type that in give this account a name. Enter your name in the your name filed. Click on done for completing the setup process.