Do you want to setup RR Com login on your kindle fire tablet? If yes, then read this guide and follow the steps mentioned in this blog post. Before starting the setup process, you must connect your Kindle with the Wi-Fi connection.

Configuring an Email

The steps to configure roadrunner mail on the device are mentioned below:

  1. rr email loginStart the process by clicking on the kindle screen. Go to RR com login mail option from the mail service providers list. If you want to configure using Microsoft exchange server, then you won’t be able to configure it because Kindle doesn’t support this program.
  2. Enter all the relevant information in the Time warner Email  drop down menu.
  3. Enter the name, which you want to get displayed on the recipient’s screen. You can select any name of your choice.
  4. Now, open the inbox folder of your current account to check new message if received any.

Configuring the RR login mail manually

If you are using AOL, Google, Hotmail or any other email service provided that is supported by the Kindle first generation fire model, then there is no need to set up an account manually. Your device will automatically configure it on the kindle. But if you are using any other email service other than the one mentioned above, then you need to configure manually. Here we are talking of Time warner cable. So, you need to configure it manually.

  • rr mail loginYou will now require password, username and server information of your mail account, which you needs to be entered in the box. All this information related to the server field and port number can be collected from the official www RR com login.
  • Once the account gets configured successfully, you can view the latest message on the screen without facing any problem.
  • Now, if you want to read the latest message in the inbox folder, then go to filter option from here and filter according to the date and the newest one on first place. You are required to do RR email login for accessing the latest message.
  • You can flag any message in your inbox if you wish to do it.
  • Sync your TWC Email login after regular intervals to receive the latest message in the inbox folder.
  • To view extra folder, you need to go to ‘menu’ option followed by ‘folder’ option in the drop down menu.

Composing a new mail from account

  1. Go to the bottom of the kindle screen and search for ‘new message’ option.
  2. Type the new message in the space provided. Apart from this, if you want to attach any media with your mail, then you can do so by selecting the media from your computer and upload it into your message.
  3. The maximum media size, which you can attach with your mail is 20 MB. If the size of the media exceeds the limit, then you can send multiple emails to the same address by bifurcating the media contents.

Downloading the attachment:

Follow the below-mentioned steps to download the attachment in TWC email login.

  • rr mai loginTap on ‘download the entire message’ option.
  • If you don’t want to download it on your Kindle, then you can directly open it from your mail.
  • The downloaded contents can be easily found in the gallery of your device. Go to ‘downloads’ folder from the gallery.
  • For further help and support related to this, you can log on to www RR com login mail from another device.

Creating an additional account

To create an additional account, the process remains same as that of configuring an account on kindle. Go to mail app and click on ‘add account’ option.