These days, if you walked into premium hotel room for staying there, then you will surely get Wi-Fi connectivity as a part of add-on service. This is important too from your business point of view because there are some mails, which need immediate reply but if you are not able to do so, then how you feel? You might feel unhappy with the service.

www RR ComToday, in this blog post I will explain the reason for in ability to send RR Email from your hotel room.The main reason behind this action of hotels is to protect the network from unauthorized spammers. They sometimes steal the information from network by getting into the network. Now I am going to discuss the reason in detail.

Port 25

This port is meant to act as a medium of communication between your email program and the server. It uses simple mail transfer protocol as a default configuration for sending the messages. Once you log onto your mail with TWC email login credentials, it reaches at port 25, which then forward the mail over the internet.

Port 25 and hotel

If you send an email from your computer, then the hotel network first intercept it then forward it for email program requests. The hotel network doesn’t send your mail directly to the SMTP server, but it first send them onto its own email server, with the aim to avoid being exploited by hackers.

Here I want to clarify you that you can easily receive your mails in your inbox on www RR com link without any restriction and limitation but you will face a problem, when you send an Email from your side. The email servers at hotel will not allow you to send emails directly without interception of their servers. No doubt, you can easily login with Time warner email login credentials but, the usability is limited.

Reason for interference

Now you might be thinking, that why the hotel network is interfering in your email servers and what is the reason for restrictions. I want to clear here that the main reason behind all this is to protect the network from getting blacklisted. The hotel network may sometimes traced by unwanted spammer, who can spoil your network or blacklist it. There are some anti-spam technologies that can blacklist the hotel network if you are sending a mail from Spam Zombie based computer.

How to avoid this problem

To overcome this problem, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. TiVo HelpUse webmail: If your ISP is providing its own web interface, then there is nothing better than it. You can use this interface as a mode of communication for your Emails.
  2. Use alternate port: If you have an option to use other ports like 465 or 587, then use these ports as these are SSL enabled, which protects your network from being intercepted by any other outsider. The configuration settings of above-mentioned ports are static and can be used anywhere without any problem.
  3. Use VPN: If available, use virtual private network for sending an email. This will not only provide encryption to your data but also bypass the certain routes on the network.