There has been a problem for Windows 10 users that they can’t use their Road Runner web mail on Windows 10 mail app. Does this problem have any solution? Well, let’s find out in the blog post given below.

www rr comLast year, with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has shattered its critics who used to blame the company for having orthodox approach. But, Windows 10 shut all those because this time around, the Windows OS was not a computer oriented operating system, but it was made keeping in mind the design and functionality of smartphone and tablet users. Moreover, the company has soared the sales of Windows 10 OS by offering a free upgrade to the people who were having either Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

Can The Issue Related To RR Email Not Opening On Windows 10 Mail App Be Fixed

A free upgrade was provided to these customers, and for those having Windows 7, the company rolled out a paid upgrade. All in all, this move has worked extremely well for the company, as millions of people all around the world are now using Windows 10. With features like Cortana, a revamped start menu and a fascinating look, Windows 10 is up for the challenge against other operating system that were approaching near Windows. But, a new OS means new types of bugs and errors.

Windows 10 couldn’t stay protected from the bugs and errors, with people coming across a wide number of bugs and errors in the past 12 months or so. One such error is, ‘Windows 10 email app not being able to open RR mail’. After trying a number of options to make RR mail work, nothing have proven successful. So, let us know more about the issue and how it can be resolved.

There are thousands of individuals who use RR email as their IT provider. Back in the day, there hasn’t been any issue in RR mail and people were using it quite smoothly. But, as people started upgrading their Windows to Windows 10, they started to experience issues while accessing RR mail via Windows mail app. They have selected incoming and outgoing server settings properly, yet they are not able to sync their RR email with Windows email app.

rr mail loginThe settings have been obtained from RR com, which is the official site of the company. When they talked to RR help and support, then they were asked to change port settings. Well, they started looking for port settings as well, but were not able to find it. Windows 10 mail app doesn’t contain any option where a person could set port settings. Some people have even checked advanced email setting, but weren’t able to find anything useful.

Some Windows experts have suggested to remove the account and add the RoadRunner email account again. On most number of occasions, this would solve the problem, but if the problem persists, then people should check with a different email client POP3 if the RR mail account is working in the mail app or not.

If people don’t have any idea as to which port numbers to add, then they can try the following port numbers. 110 587 143

These port numbers have worked for many people, and they were able to access their RR com login, but some people were not able to access their mails. It is very sad that a tiny issue is creating frustration among the Windows 10 users. The best thing for those people would be to go to www RR com and lodge the complaint with the company.

I am sure that Time Warner Cable service and Microsoft will look into the matter and come up with a concrete solution. This is not the only error that is present in Windows 10, but there are many more. But, since it is related to www RR com login, then TWC should be informed about it as well.