Are you using an iPhone device for communication and other entertainment service? If yes, then you must be using the email app on your iPhone device for your ease in professional life.

rr mailToday, in this blog post we are going to discuss, the common email app problems that are noticed by some users on their device along with the best solutions.

  1. Mail address denied by server: Your mail address is denied by the mail server when you enter the wrong mail credentials in your email configuration link.
  2. To enter the correct details, go to settings>mail>click on account> change mail username or password whichever is incorrect, then restart an app. Cannot get an email:
  3. If you are un-able to receive the messages in your email app, even after entering the details of your account, then the problem is with the mail service provider.
  4. Just contact the mail support team to take the possible help. Inability to receive new mails when accessing from more than one device: When you access your RR email account from your PC, then you receive the notification for new mails in your inbox but when you open it through iPhone, then you didn’t get any notification regarding new mail.
  5. www rr comThis problem is due to multiple device lock-out. Email box become un-responsive: The main reason for this problem is running of several applications at a same time.
  6. To resolve this problem, press the home button for some seconds and release it to flash out all apps. Restart the email application again after few seconds.
  7. Server is not broadcasting: If you are a user of iPhone and using AOL account on your device, then you may face this problem. Moreover, this problem is mostly encountered after resetting the phone.
  8. The best possible solution to this problem is; enter the details of your account in AOL outgoing mail server space provided under primary server settings.
  9. Mail app keep on closing: When iphone4 and 5 users update the software version to iOS 8, then it is supposed that they will face this problem. Their device performance is affected with this update.
  10. There are two ways to get rid of it. One way is to update the version to iOS 8.3 and the other one is to un-install the latest version of your iPhone firmware and download the older version that performs perfectly well with this app.
  11. RR ComImportant to delete an email: If you are not able to delete the Roadrunner mail from your inbox, then the new mails keep on adding in the waiting list until you delete the older ones. The best possible way to get rid of this problem is simply eliminate the email configuration from the iPhone and again setup the account old username and password.
  12. Issues with specific mail: Earlier this year, there were some issues that were reported by the users on a specific mail app. This is due to the scheduled maintenance done by the company at server end. This time period is over now and all the services are available now for user, provided they must have latest version of email app in their iPhones.